SaFe Amalgam filling removal
paul pascyk, d.d.s.
charlotte, nc dentist

Before                                                 After

 I have many Charlotte North Carolina area patients who come to me to remove their amalgam (“silver”, “mercury”) fillings in a safe manner. Amalgam filling material is about 50% mercury. As a concerned dentist I use an alternative protocol to remove their amalgam fillings safely. Amalgam fillings need to be replaced when there is decay under the filling or the filling is damaged. When I remove amalgam fillings,my protocol follows that of the IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology. The protocol includes:

    - Isolation of the tooth with a dental dam

    - Sealant placed between the dental dam and the tooth 

    - Disposable face mask over the patients face 

    - Separate oxygen supply for the patient to breath 

    - Source capture mercury filtration evacuation

    - Copious irrigation while drilling 

    - Removing the filling in chunks to minimize debris and vapor 

We do not charge an additional
fee for safely removing amalgam fillings.

Patient isolated for amalgam filling removal.

Close-up view of isolated amalgam filling before removal.