OCCLUSION (Bite) and TMJ Dentist 
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Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

The muscles, teeth and jaw joints must function
in equilibrium to decrease future disease.


Welcome to the most under diagnosed and under treated cause of dental disease,occluso-muscle disorder or occlusal disease or simply an unbalanced bite. Occlusal disease results in pain and damage to the teeth, muscles, gum and bone,  and jaw joints or TMJsWe spend a lot of time in our practice balancing the bite for our patients so the jaw muscles, the jaw joint and the teeth are working with each other instead of against each other. Deficient coordination between these components will lead to continued and new dental disease.

An unbalanced bite can damage the teeth:  

The damage can be subtle, or very obvious when excessive grinding of the teeth or bruxing is involved.

Severe tooth wear caused by bruxing or grinding

An unbalanced bite can also damage the jaw joint (TMJ): 

Damaged jaw joint (TMJ).

Treatment for an unbalanced bite includes restoring worn and damaged teeth, bite adjustment procedures and night-time bite guards (below).

Different types of bite guards:

 *(It is also common for pain in the head, neck and
jaw to be caused by non-bite issues)