TMJ and Bite analysis
Charlotte NC dentist

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An unbalanced bite can wreak havoc (click) on the teeth, the jaw muscles and jaw joint or TMJ. There are various therapies (click) to treat an unbalanced bite depending on the severity of the problem. But regardless of the problem, proper bite treatment starts with the proper analysis.  

We start with a thorough clinical (in the chair) examination. The clinical exam includes a complete medical and dental history, physical and functional evaluation of the right and left TMJ or jaw joints. Digital records are acquired as well. This clinical exam is followed by an MRI (click) and CT  (click) scan of the TMJs. When all the data from the clinical exam and scans are analyzed, the patient will come back for a discussion about the finding and treatment proposals. If indicated, an Occlusal Analysis, mounted case (click) will be performed as well.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a sound bite or occlusion (click) that is in harmony with the jaw muscles and the TMJ (jaw joint).

If a patient presents with pain as one of their symptoms, time will be spent analyzing the source or cause of the pain (click). If it is solely caused by an unbalanced bite or TMJ damage, occlusal and TMJ therapy will solve the problem by balancing the bite. When pain is caused caused completely or partially by a non-dental problem, the patient will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.