The Biological Root Canal
Holistic and Biological dentist
Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.
charlotte, nc

In our practice, if we cannot avoid a root canal (click) for a patient, and the patient wants to save the tooth, we can perform a biological root canal.

Conventional root canal therapy may incorporate sealers and filling material that may contain materials such as cadmium and latex which are not bio-compatible. Our biological root canal incorporates biocompatible bioceramic sealer and cadmium and latex-free filling material. We also use oxygen-ozone to fumigate the canals before filling the canals.  

    (Bioceramics are an important subset of biomaterials. Bioceramics range in
    biocompatibility from the ceramic oxides, which are inert in the body, to the other extreme
    of resorbable materials, which are eventually replaced by the body after they have
    assisted repair.)

    (Biomaterials are synthetic or natural material suitable for use in constructing artificial
    organs and prostheses or to replace bone or tissue.)