Holistic Biological Dentist
holistic biologic Iaomt charlotte, nc dentist, SMART Certified
Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

- Welcome to the website for my Charlotte NC holistic and biologic dental practice. I offer 
free-consultations so you can see our office and meet me and my staff.  

- Are you looking for holistic-biological (click) or biocompatible care (click), routine care and cleanings or more specific treatment? Whatever you need, my staff and I can help you.

Why people in the Charlotte NC
area seek our care:

  1) We are holistic and biological. (click)

  2) We perform safe amalgam (mercury, metal, silver) filling removal 
      (SMART certified)
. (click)

 3) We do not use fluoride.

  4) We solve TMJ problems(click)

  5) We use an alternative technique for removing (extracting) teeth(click)

  6) We offer root canal alternatives(click)

  7) We perform bite balancing procedures. (click)

  8) We are minimally invasive and preventive. (click)

  9) We achieve beautiful and enduring cosmetic results(click)

  10) We use ceramic (metal and titanium free) dental implants(click)

  11) We perform non-surgical laser periodontal therapy(click)

  12) We perform ozone therapy on the teeth and gums. (click)

I am a  holistic-biologic and bio-compatible dentist in Charlotte NC. I am proud that my staff and I have  solved health issues for so many people over the years. Many of you already  understand what a holistic-biologic or bio-compatible dentist  is, while some of you may not have any understanding at all. In general terms, a holistic-biological or bio-compatible dentist minimizes the effect of dental disease and dental materials on the whole body.  Holistic-biologic and bio-compatible dentistry is the best way that my staff and I can personally deliver the best care to our Charlotte NC area patients.  Even if you are not looking for any "special" type of holistic-biologic or bio-compatible dentistry and you just want to go to an excellent dentist for routine care, we are still the practice for you.  

It has taken me over 30 years to hone my skills and philosophy of care. I consider my greatest achievements are my skill and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and dental reconstructionholistic-biological care and bite balancing care. Finally, in addition to using traditional care to achieve this, I also integrate nontraditional techniques such as ozone, mercury free dentistry and safe amalgam removal (SMART certified). I am also a member of the  IAOMT.