TMJ Cost

If you are looking for a quick fix to diagnose and treat your TMJ, there is none. You are dealing with the most complicated joint in the body and years of wear and tear on the joint, the teeth and the jaw muscles. The problem is not going to be fixed overnight. 

Before you make an appointment for a free TMJ consult, or set up an appointment to actually start the diagnosis process, I want you to understand the  procedures and cost involved. If you are serious about relieving your symptoms, you need to takes these steps. I do not want to waste your time if you are not going to follow our protocol. Understand that there is no deviation from this protocol. In other words, if you come in for a consult, the following is what we are going to recommend. Again, if you are not ready to commit to the following, then I do not want to waste your time.

The diagnostic cost is $1,900 (or $1,225 if your medical insurance covers the MRI) . This includes:

                   - TMJ exam
                   - Dental CT scan of the TMJs (jaw joints)
                   - Dental radiologist's reading of the CT scan
                   - Temporary diagnostic splint (to be worn up to 12 weeks)
                   - MRI of the TMJs
                   - Medical radiologist's reading of the MRI scan

At the end of the above procedures the following will have been achieved:

                  - An official TMJ diagnosis.
                  - Determination if your symptoms (pain and/or dysfunction) are caused by TMJ or
                    another problem.
                  - If your symptoms are caused by TMJ, we will determine if the solution to your
                    problem requires TMJ surgery, bite balancing procedures or both.
                  - If your problem is caused by something other than TMJ, you will be referred to
                    another office.

Cost for TMJ treatment (surgery and/or bite balancing) will be determined after the above diagnostic procedures are performed.