Ceramic NON-Metal  and Titanium
Dental Implants
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Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

My staff and I are very proud that we replaced so missing teeth for people over the years. There is nothing in dentistry that brings more happiness to a patient than a replacing one or more of their missing tooth with functional and natural looking implants. Our final implant results are healthy and enduring. We accomplish this by incorporate holistic and 
bite-balancing therapy with all our implant therapy


Depending on a patient's desires and concerns, I place both titanium and non-metal or ceramic (zirconium oxide) implants.

Zirconium oxide (non-metal, non-titanium) dental implant

For my titanium implants I use the Straumann implants and for my zirconium oxide (non titanium) implants I use Z-System implants. 

I have taken numerous courses on dental implant (tooth implant) therapy and have incorporated dental implants into much of my patient care. This dental implant training included a two year hospital residency program at Nassau University Hospital in New York where much of the training involved dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, I completed a two-year post-doctoral certification in dental implants at New York University School of Dental Medicine. 

 How dental implants can replace teeth:

An implant supported crown.

An implant supported non-removable bridge.

An implanted supported removable denture.