Dental Material Bio-Compatability testing

Immunologic hypersensitivity (also called hypersensitivity reaction or intolerance) refers to undesirable reactions produced by the normal immune system, including allergies and autoimmunity (click).

Most holistic/biological dentist rely on a serum biocompatibility test that is performed by a few companies like Biocomp Laboratories, Inc (click), Clifford Reactivity Testing (no longer in business) and Elisa/Act Biotechnologies (click). The truth is that these tests do not accurately predict if the patient has a hypersensitivity to the material. Most holistic dentists do not understand this. The testing that needs to be completed is skin patch testing (click) performed by an allergist (medical doctor). When it comes to metal material, a MELISA test (click) is the most accurate test for determining immunologic hypersensitivity to metals such as titanium. 

If a patient wants materials to be tested with patch tests, we will supply them with sample materials and a referral to an allergist. The MELISA test can be ordered online at (click).