OZone Dentist
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Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

Ozone is an activated form of oxygen. Oxygen we breath (normal oxygen) is two oxygen atoms bound together (diatomic oxygen). Ozone is three oxygen atoms bound together. 

Ozone is a very energized molecule and reacts with other molecules very quickly. In the water and body fluids , ozone forms Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS

Ozone and ROS do a number of things in the body:

- React with microbes and destroy them

- React with cells in the body to stimulate:
       - antioxidant production 
       - release of wound healing and growth factors
       - the immune system

- oxidizes fats in the blood to produce aldehydes and ketones which also react with cells to    stimulate:
      - antioxidant production 
      - release wound healing and tissue growth factors
      - the immune system 

*We use ozone therapy when we do fillings,
root canal therapy (click) and periodontal therapy (click)