SaFe Amalgam (mercury) filling removal
SMART Certified, holistic biological iaomt dentist charlotte, nc 
Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

mercury dental filling

Before                                                 After

 I have many Charlotte North Carolina area patients who come to me to remove their amalgam (“silver”, “mercury”) fillings in a safe manner. Amalgam filling material is about 50% mercury. As a concerned dentist I use an alternative protocol to remove their amalgam fillings safely (SMART certified). Amalgam fillings need to be replaced when there is decay under the filling or the filling is damaged. When I remove amalgam fillings, my SMART protocol follows that of the IAOMT (click), the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology. The SMART protocol includes:

    - Isolation of the tooth with a dental dam

    - Sealant placed between the dental dam and the tooth 

    - Face and body barriers 

    - Separate oxygen supply for the patient to breath 

    - Source capture mercury filtration evacuation

    - Copious irrigation while drilling 

    - Removing the filling in chunks to minimize debris and vapor 

    - Charcoal oral rinse before and after the amalgam removal


Patient isolated for amalgam filling removal.

Close-up view of isolated amalgam filling before removal.