TMJ head face neck Dentist Charlotte NC

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Pain in the neck, head, face or jaw can be simple or complex to treat. Often it has a dental cause and the first step to determine this is a proper diagnosis.  

If the pain has a dental origin it can be caused by an infection such as tooth decay, gum infection or root canal infection, or it can be caused by an unbalanced bite (click). In the latter case, we can treat the problem with our bite and TMJ therapy (click),  but this first requires a proper examination (click) first.

Assuming there is no infection, we may find that a bite imbalanced is the entire problem, only part of the problem or that there is no bite issues at all. In cases when the pain is not caused by an unbalanced bite, we will refer to other healthcare professionals for further treatment. Pain requiring non-dental therapy often includes: myofascial pain (click), cervical pain (click), headache (click) and malfunctioning sympathetic nerves known as CRPS Type 1 (click).

But again, regardless of the cause, the key to correct therapy is proper initial diagnosis (click).