TMJ head face neck Dentist Charlotte NC

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Oral/jaw pain can be caused by a cavity in a tooth, infection around a tooth (periodontal infection) or root canal infection (endodontic infection). Pain can also originate from the jaw muscles (myofascial pain (click)) or inside the jaw joints (TMJ). These issues (muscle and joint) are often grouped together with the term "TMJ" or "TMJ Syndrome". The pain from TMJ can often be be caused by an unbalanced bite (click), and in this case, we can treat the problem with our bite and TMJ therapy (click).  If there is enough damage/disease in the jaw joint, then bite and TMJ therapy may not be enough and a referral to an oral surgeon will be required. 

Pain in the head/neck and shoulder areas that require non-dental therapy includes: cervical pain (click)headache pain (click) and malfunctioning sympathetic nerves known as CRPS Type 1 (click).