holistic biological dentist
holistic biological iamot charlotte, nc dentist
Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.

 As holistic and biologic dentist, I want to minimize the affect
dental disease and dental materials on the body.

It's all about choice in our Charlotte NC practice. Do you
want to be treated with
 holistic or biologic care (see below)?


With our holistic care:

           - We do not place amalgam (mercury metal or silver) fillings. (click)

           - We perform safe amalgam (mercury metal or silver) filling removal. (click)

           - We do not use fluoride 

           - We do not use metal in our fillings, crowns and bridges

           - We use an alternative technique for tooth extraction.  (click)

           - We use biocompatible materials. (click)

           - We place ceramic (metal and titanium free) implants. (click)

           - We do oxygen-ozone therapy. (click)

           - We perform bite balancing procedures. (bite)

           - We perform procedures to avoid root canals. (click)

                   (note: when a root canal is unavoidable and the patient does not want to extract
                    the tooth, we can perform a biological root canal (see below).

With our biological care we do all the holistic care described above with two differences:

           1) We perform biological root canals using oxygen-ozone and
                biocompatible sealer. (click)                        

           2) We place both titanium and non-titanium implants.